Woman Gives Her Cat A Bath With Water When She Hears Something Unbelievable. Then She Films This…

This cat is not amused. Recently we shared a story about a cat who loves the water and loves to take showers with his human. Well, the cat in this video most definitely does not feel the same way about bath time. In fact, you get to see her bath time in this video, and she’s clearly unhappy throughout the entire process.

Most notably, you’ll hearo her asking for the water to stop with an adorable meow. I’m sure that whoever is bathing this cat finds her as cute as we do, but that bather also knows that, much like the show, bath time must go on. You don’t want to have a smelly cat wandering around your house!

Take a look at this video!

This is hilarious, isn’t it?! I’ve never seen a cat that can “talk”! Have you ever experienced this> Let us know and share away, people!

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